About the Author

I am a 51-year-old man living in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I am married and share parenting of five children. Collecting vintage model trains is my hobby and this site will highlight an important era of an iconic model train manufacturer...Lionel.

Me and my wife spend a great deal of time traveling around looking for unique items and antiques to grace both the inside and garden of our home with.  Saturday mornings typically start off with us visiting all of the garage sales she has found, followed by a trip to the area antique stores looking for that special something.

Unfortunately we do not have a large house so are limited in the amount of “stuff” we put into it…lest we end up on a reality show about hoarders!  We don't have any room for anymore furniture and I found that our weekend day-trips were not as satisfying since I had no longer had something specific to look for. I decided it would be nice to collect something.

The parameters for this collectible “something” would be:

It couldn't take up too much space in the house.
It had to be unique.
It had to have history. Antique would be nice.
It had to be reasonable in cost.

A few weeks later we took my parents on an antique-store excursion and I walked by a booth that had an old Lionel locomotive and tender on sale.  I remember immediately "knowing" that I had found the “something” that I wanted to collect.  My mother actually bought me that locomotive that day, a beautiful Lionel post-war 1666…for $100.
She can therefore take some of the blame for what my wife now describes as an obsession...cant she?

Today I have a modest collection of prewar trains in both Standard Gauge and O Gauge from Lionel, American Flyer, Maerklin, Voltamp and Bassett-Lowke, gracing literally every wall of our basement.

Although my wife doesn't directly share my enthusiasm for my collecting old trains......that just sit on a she lf...she has a garden train in our front yard.

I truly hope that this site will be a useful resource for information on prewar Lionel trains and that you enjoy it as much I had making it.


A member of the Train Collectors Association #14-70267