About this Site

I am a novice model train collector myself and found that information regarding prewar trains was especially difficult to find. I decided to make a site that would assist novice collectors by providing basic information about the hobby of collecting vintage model trains.

There are many manufacturers, scales and types of model trains and it would be difficult for any one web site to cover everything effectively. There are already a number of great sites dedicated to post-war model trains so I decided to focus on prewar trains from Lionel to start with.



This site will cover the Standard Gauge, O Gauge and OO Gauge model trains and accessories offered by Lionel between 1906 and 1942. I hope that you enjoy the site and will be able to learn something in the process.

I would like to offer my thanks to Paul Hesser of DAKOTApaul and Greg Stout of Stout Auctions for allowing me to use pictures from their site(s) to complete this website. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

David Croft TCA #14-70267